Hello! Welcome to Late Summer Mama, I’m Tina! At Late Summer Mama, I’m focused on a holistic and natural approach to supporting women who waited until their 30s and 40s before starting a family. Starting a family at any age is a daunting task but there are all sorts of issues that come up during and after pregnancy for older women.

But beyond that, I want to help any family find ways to eat healthy foods on a busy schedule, encourage better diets than my generation was given, and find completely natural remedies that are safe for mothers, fathers, children, and pets too! Likewise, I want to promote products that encourage healthier development in our children without dosing them in all sorts of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, preservatives, and other chemicals that are toxic for them, us, and our planet.

Why Late Summer Mama?

I became a new mother at the age of 38. When we announced the news to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers; the reactions were mostly disheartening. I got sick of hearing the same sentiment over and over. “Aren’t you a little old for this?” “Isn’t it a bit late for you?” I was quoted the same information more times than I can count about the dangers of having a child over 35, especially your first one.

It wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for but I was not entirely surprised either. What women hasn’t heard the statistics or seen the charts on the higher chances for complications when bearing children over 35?

What those same naysayers seem to not be aware of is the growing number of women waiting until their later 30s and early 40s to have children. It amazed me how many women I met during my pregnancy that were or had been in my shoes. And the best news of all: every one of the older mothers I met bore healthy babies. With keeping that encouragement close to my heart, 39 and a half weeks and 5 hours later, I naturally bore a beautiful, healthy, baby girl!

So the odds aren’t against you, there is hope!

It Takes a Village

Have you heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child?” Nothing is more true. The real irony of it is there isn’t a more isolating time I can think of.

So who do you turn to?

I struggled with finding people I could talk to about my concerns or help me with the difficulties I was having. My husband’s mother and my mother were pretty old by this point. What information they raised us with had changed dramatically since then and the approach they had used wasn’t the same one I wanted to use. Most of my friends were still single and had no experience with children or had their children years ago in their early twenties. So they either had outdated help to give or none at all. Does this sound familiar?

I was lucky to find an awesome group of midwives to help me with my troubles. They gave me the resources I needed and used natural herbs and remedies to help me through the trouble spots I had. When they couldn’t help, I researched these issues on my own.

Now I want to give back and, hopefully, help other mothers so that they transition better through motherhood and feel less alone than I did.

A Change For a Healthier Future

My goals at Late Summer Mama are threefold:

I want to inform mothers of safe, cheap alternatives to conventional medicine that exist out there for them and their families, especially with the growing cost of healthcare and childcare.

I want to help mothers transition to a more holistic approach with regard to the health of their families. With the rising rates of autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; a holistic system is more important than ever.

Lastly, I want to encourage child rearing that is more economical and ecologically sound. If our children will inherit the earth from us, don’t we owe it to them to leave it better off than how we found it?

As a mother, you have an incredible degree of influence to your families. Through us, we can instill good, healthy habits into our children so that they may enjoy a healthier life than we were given. After all, isn’t it the wish of every mother to provide a better life for her children?

Facts About the Late Summer Mama

I’m originally from Texas and spent the last decade in Austin. Very recently, my family and I moved to Portland, Oregon and have been enjoying the change. I’m a new mother to a very spirited little girl that brings much laughter and challenge to my life every day. She is my inspiration for much of what I do. Between taking care of her at home and writing on Late Summer Mama, I keep very busy.

I have over 18 years experience working in health food and supplements. Yes, I was selling supplements and herbs back before words like “holistic” and “integrative” were mainstream. In the late 90s these words would conjure up visions of a swindler like the snake oil peddler from western films. How times have changed!

I’ve researched for years on alternative medicines including aromatherapy, essential oils, Qigong, meditation, Tai Chi, and herbal supplements. The subject of alternative medicine has interested me for a long time, however, I’m not a nutritionist or doctor.

Other things that interest me would be fitness activities. The human body and what it’s capable of has become a newer passion of mine. I have a black belt in Kung Fu and studied a few other martial arts. Parkour is another discipline I would like to learn. I enjoy jogging, camping, and hiking. My experience with martial arts and fitness has taught me that the mind doesn’t trump the body. In fact, it seems to be the opposite.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Late Summer Mama!

Please take a look around and if you have any information you’d like to share about any of these topics, I would love to hear about it.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To Your Health,


Founder of Late Summer Mama

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